Mitigate Technological Gap And Managing Technical Debt

Whenever you are trying to keep the application portfolio up-to-date, you always have to work with trade-offs. There are various options available, whenever it is about modernization through refactoring or mitigation. It can even be done with the help of transformative leap. The type and presence of technical debt is likely to be presented in your current system. That will help in dictating more about the ways to modernize the present application portfolio. To understand more about technical debt, you have to start thinking in that manner only. That will help you to realize the technical debt present and its difference with the art application design.

Changing on with the ability

It is your duty to change with the ability of gaining more information on technical debt. You have to adapt well with the current offering to that of new standard. For managing technical gap, there are mainly three approaches available. Those three options are transformation, refactoring and even code migration. The method of refactoring is used for fixing some of the small forms of non-functional requirements. Furthermore, modernized codes are used for fixing some of the larger types of non-functional requirements. It even helps in updating your current infrastructure status.

Final steps to follow

Resolving larger functional and non-functional requirements can well be done by just abandoning the old code base. You have to transform your applications for betterment. For a particular point of time, code migration and refactoring are used for checking in for your technical debt. But, after a certain span of time, continuous refactoring will not be able to account for acceleration of current technology curve. As the technology, starts growing faster, your ability of keeping up with the latest trends will start to decrease. Just try to handle the problems at their core areas, before it gets way out of your hand.

When you cannot keep up with the speed

There are some times, when you cannot easily keep up with the speed of growing technology. What can be done during such instances? It is during such times, when you have to deal with hectically refactoring methods for modernized and trying out the codes. If you fall much behind and try frantically to refactor the code, you might feel some pressures from stakeholders. These stakeholders will force you to buy off the shelf software, which is nothing but waste of more money. You must not come into any such scenario, in the first place.

Escaping from issues now

It is tough for you to escape from the issues, revolving around technical debt. Furthermore, it is even tougher for you to adapt to new technologies over one night! You cannot just think about buying new software and get used to it, right away! There are some thorough and time-consuming steps, associated with this field. If you are trying to buy new software and get used to it, then you always have to think about the time first. You have pre-set a particular time for that, as that might help in providing you with proper results, too.

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