6 Business and Career Opportunities from Pilates

According to Statista, over 28 million people were practising yoga or Pilates from 2016 to spring of 2017.

While most people may have an inkling as to what yoga is, not so many are conversant with Pilates apart from health enthusiasts. Pilates Method Alliance explains that Pilates is simply a method of exercise that stretches, strengthens and balances your body.

Quite a number of renowned people use the Pilate system to stay in good shape, amongst them major league baseball legends like Trevon May, Jake Arietta, Evan Longoria and Nate Robinson among others.

History of Pilates

Joseph Pilate, the founder of Pilates, got inspired to start the system while he was a prisoner at Knockaloe, an internment camp at The Isle of Man during World War I, though he had worked through close to 20 years of self-study and training on yoga and other ancient exercises.

Since then, Pilates has grown by leaps and bounds and seems to be on its way to be a runaway success.

Career and business opportunities using Pilates

Due to the ever growing number of Yogi and Yogas across all divides who do group, individual or accreditation training in studios, by 2015, Alan Luo avers the yoga and Pilates studios had broken past the 7 Billion USD mark in revenues.

Websites like https://www.pilatespal.com/ showcase different opportunities that a Pilates enthusiast can benefit from career wise or business wise.

Let’s take a look at some:

  • Certified Pilates Instructor

A number of studios usually have openings for certified Pilates instructors. This requires certification and some teaching experience. You need to be outgoing and highly disciplined to handle the rush hours.

  • Pilates Interns/Teacher Training Positions

Some studios can provide quality comprehensive Pilates training to interns on a work-study basis. What an easy way to access quality education in an affordable way! In most cases, interns who successfully complete the training get positions in the studio.

  • Pilates Equipment and Accessories

Pilates has diverse apparatus and accessories that one uses to enhance the exercises e.g. reformers, chairs, towers, barrels, mats and balls amongst others. You can engage in the provision of quality equipment both for private and studio clients.



  • Pilates Equipment Maintenance & Repair

This mostly goes hand in hand with the sales of the equipment. But you can also just specialize in installing, maintaining and repairing of Pilates equipment.

  • Books and Magazines

There are a ton of books and magazines on matters Pilates starting from the “Return to life through Contrology” by Joseph Pilate to books on history and various exercises guide.

  • Pilates Conferences, Retreats and Workshops

Why not offer a fast paced world a retreat that encompasses Pilate workouts? Pilates Method Alliance says that on average, the price for a group at sessions range from $10 to $100 per hour using the Pilates range of equipment.

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