4 Things To Consider When Buying LED Grow Lights

 LED Grow Lights emit lights of various different colors and wavelengths, helping your plants grow bigger even in the absence of their optimum conditions and environment. LED Grow Lights help you grow plants out of their actual growing season, you can also use the lights during night to grow specific varieties of plants.

Here are some things that you must consider when buying LED Grow Lights for home or commercial use.

  1. Choose Low-Heat Generating Lights:

    All of the LED Grow Lights generate and emit heat. That is because of the different types of radiations that combine to make up the actual light and heat. High heat generating LED grow Lights can damage your plants because excessive heats burns the plants and deprives them of the water they’ve stored in their tissues for future use. There are two apparent disadvantages of these substandard LED Grow Lights:

  • High heat can burn the plats and reduce their yield.
  • High heat lessens the visible light that your plants have to use for their proper functioning.

    That is why you should always choose high quality, low-heat generating LED Grow Lights for your plants. Quality lights would help your plants grow faster and safer.

  • Your Budget:

    Another important factor that you should consider while choosing a specific category of Grow Lights is your budget. The price of a grow light should vary according to your requirements and specific needs.

    The price varies according to the category of a grow light. Here are some of them:

  • CFL bulbs: are the cheapest type of grow lights, can be found on major sites such as Amazon for under $10.
  • T5-T12 fluorescent: are mid range grow lights available in under $100. They are also a good value for their money as they can produce material many times their value.
  • LED lights: These are our recommendation for your home or kitchen garden. Available from $101 to $999.
  • HID lights: they are the most expensive grow lights and a most suitable for heavy commercial use.
  • Quality of light:

    The light emitted by your LED Grow Light, it should be natural. A natural-like light helps reduce the power wastage and makes your plants grow quicker. So, you must check the quality/ efficiency of a grow light even before buying it. A huge benefit if buying this product online is that you can check out the normal customer reviews before head.

    Never hesitate on spending a bit higher on some quality LED grow lights, because a long lasting, efficient product can provide you with high ROI (return on investment.

  • Buy the required accessories:

    There are certain accessories that you’d need to buy with your LED grow lights according to your setup and needs. Things like fixtures (to regulate the light) and grow tents come in handy when you’re using the lights for commercial application.

    You can also go DIY and make the accessories yourself, but remember that the functionality and features might differ.

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