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Butterfly EP available now at Beatport; Remixes out in September


With the release of her latest EP on Jook Music, Inanna appears to be ready to reap the benefits from years of hard work honing down her novel, atmospheric sound. With a melodic sense rare among her knob-twiddling contemporaries, Inanna spares the glitch and tweaking in favor of something a little more organic, immediate, and (gasp!) emotional. While the latter may be a dirty word in electronic music, Butterfly manages to trump any expectations of the tag, subtly giving some class to the concept. Beneath the surface of crystalline, alien textures lies a warm, undeniable human element. Largely self-taught as a musician and DJ, Inanna’s creative process is mainly intuitive. You can hear it in her music: she is more interested in capturing passion rather than just simply meticulously slaving over some slick edits.


Her precise, masterful mixing style has earned her quite the reputation for both creativity and raw talent. Her amalgam of heady ambience, minimal techno, jacking house and even breakbeat are sophisticated and surreal, showing an amazing diversity of style that The Freshpage describes as “works of art that need to be displayed in a music vault at an audiophile museum”. While her recorded mix sets are most often experiments with found sound and hypnotic, dreamy soundscapes, conversely her live performances serve up a more high-energy, cutting, late-night warehouse vibe.


As a New England native, Inanna first gained notoriety in the late 90’s as one of North America’s premiere Garage/2-Step DJs. Since then she has continued to win accolades within the industry, appearing in such publications as URB, XLR8R, The Boston Globe, Seattle Weekly, Deuce, Undercover, and Gothic Beauty just to name a few. A veteran of events throughout North America, Mexico and Europe, Inanna is at home performing to crowds of forty or four-thousand.


To accompany the now available EP, Jook Music will release remixes of both titles from Butterfly EP. Traces of the Sun; including a dubstep reworking collaboration with G Notorious, and a mix from LA experimental glitch artist, Mo7 and Chris Widman. Butterfly; a remix edit from Fluid Ounce/Ninja Tune/Vertical Sound artist, October. The remixes will be available via Beatport on Sept 25th, 2007.


2007 has been and will continue to be a year of exciting new releases and remixes for the up-and-coming producer. In addition to her EP and remix efforts on Jook Music, remixes of Christian Paduradu on the DJ Friendly imprint are also underway.

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