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1)Who are the members of the band and what do they play?

Da Slyme are:
Snotty Slyme, vocals
Roscoe Santiago, vocals, harmonica
Kirt Sic-o-via, guitar, electronics
No Moniker, saxaphone, bass
Goohaw Groon, keyboards
Stig Stilletto, bas, guitar
Dead Beat, drums
Pasquale Neutron, vocals, drums

2) How old are each of you?
We started this racket in 1977, We are all in our early to mid 40s now.

3)When was the band formed?

4)In your opinions what genre of music are you?

Punk (or Newfoundland punk to be precise, which is a sub-genre of the larger
esthetic). Or as one wag recently put it, we evolved from a bad version of
the ramones in 1977 to a bad version of Roxy music by 1984. What we are in
1999 is much better but still probably much bad.

5)In which city are you currently residing?

Band members are all in Canada, Most reside in St. John’s, Newfoundland
(Kirt, Stig, Goohaw, Dead). Dr. No recently moved back after serving some
time as a professor at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Pasquale
currently treads the boads in Toronto and has played with a number of bands
there (notably with Scott B. Sympathy for a time).

6)What label are you on currently, and which labels have you been on?

We are indie. We have always recorded for our own label, Loo Productions.
Our company is Loo Enterprises.

7)Have any of you played in another band?

Dead, Kirt, Roscoe and No — The A-Tones, The Bubonic Plague
Dead Kirt, Roscoe — Dog Meat Bar-B-Cue (a current band, too)
* All those bands recorded for Vikki Beat Productions and have tapes out.

Stig, Kirt, Dead, No — Burt Humdinger and the Bum Steers (cowpunk)

Kirt, No — Wet Cheese Delerium, The Great Auks
* The Auks have 2 cds out.

Pasquale — The Reaction, Big Tears, and a number of Toronto bands
* Reaction released a single in 1979 (The Kids Arrived b/w On the Beach) and
Big Tears released a recording on Vikki Beat

Dead — Bung
* Bung recorded but I’m not sure what the label was.

8)Are you all in the process of recording an album or touring?

We have just released our latest cd, The 20-Year Scam. For more details on
this see

9)What is your favorite touring experience?

The first gig the band played ended up in a riot. Lead vocalist Snotty was
sent to hospital for stiches to his hand (11) and Stig ended up with a
broken toe. The inspiration for a life-long commitment was made then and there.

10)Which bands have you toured with?

The Reaction, Big tears, The Blushing Sleezoid Lizards, Burt Humdinger and
the Bum Steers, Figgy Duff

11)What are each of your favourite bands?

VanderGraf Generator, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, The Ramones, Pink
Floyd, Radio Birdland, Budgie, Mantis, The Wallace Hammond Experience, Denis
Parker, Mott the Hoople

12)What was the last album each of you bought?

Da Slyme – The 20 year Scam

13)What is the weirest sex dream have each of you had?

It involves a whitecoat seal, a trampoline and a wet suit.

14)Which independant label do you think helps the bands in their roster the

They all help if they’re truly independent. Otherwise they should get out of
the business.

15)Which zine is your favorite?

Any that opens to outside and unusual sources of information.

16)Where can people contact the band at?

17)What places do each of you work in your spare time?

We all work for a living at other things, some in music some elsewhere. Da
Slyme is a life project, not a business.

Stig, university adminsitrator
Snotty, private consultant,
Goohaw, private consultant
Kirt, entrepreneur
Dead, professional photographer, artiste
No, university professor
Roscoe, mediacl professional
Pasquale, musician, animation sound producer

18)For all of our readers, are any of you single?

Yes, we are all single…single minded, that is.

19)Are you sXe or normal people?

We are as normal as the next guy. But who is that next guy?

20)In your concerts, which songs by which bands do you cover?

Louie, Louie and the Theme Song from Batman (the old t.v. show), and only
for second encores. We only do our own music. After all, there’s no such
thing as a BAD version of one of our songs, it can only be OUR version.

21)In you had the chance, would you sign on to a major label,or stay

No to a major label. We are already signed to an independent.

22)Which Sesame Street Character is the best-looking?

Mr. Hooper. He’s even better looking now that he’s been dead for 15 years.

23)Does the band have a webpage?  — folks can drop in there to learn about the band and find
out how to order a copy of The 20-Year Scam (a 74 minutes cd of all original
music for only $15 bucks Canadian plus shipping costs).

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