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Wi: an engineer making cabinets. He’s going to build our stage. Jake is playing guitar with his dad, Zach’s still in high school, entering contests daily. And I’ll be dead, because I’ll fall off a cliff.

Tr : I would like to go to college, but I would definitely postpone my life, even if my mom died, I would be like “Hold on don’t die mom, I’m going to get signed.”

Ja: It all depends on where people go to school, I could see us getting bigger, I could definitely see that, if we keep this original thing going on.

Za: In ten years, I have no clue. I could see something in between now and next school year. I could definitely see something, something big happening. As far as record labels go, it would be cool to start out small, but then if we could go on to Drive-Thru, that would be our dream label. I just like to tour

Tr: Last night I asked my eight ball if we were going to get signed, and it said yes, so I’m pretty sure.

Me: Directed to Trevor: Could you tell us a little bit about your record label?

Tr: Rangeline Records? I enjoy that side of music, the editing and producing, stuff like that. Basically, so far, we have just opened it up to people that we would like to help out. We haven’t taken any money. In college, I might further my involvement with that, I might actually persue running a small record label. But for now, it is just to help people out.

Me: What type of hardware and software do you use to capture bands?

Tr: We let bands use all of our equipment. In my basement, so far what we have done is demo style – hanging mics and recording. The way that we are going to record the EP is going to be completely different from anything that we have recorded yet. As far as it is going to take a lot of time, one track at a time, old fashioned. But it should be cool, a lot of work. I’m expecting a lot of work.

Me: What is up with your new EP? I’m assuming that this will be a little bit different than the demo?

Tr: The demo was basically for you to play on your show. It was a lot of covers, and these [on the EP] are a lot of originals, and they are going to be a lot more professional, as far as quality.

Za: I think that they are very different, and that people are really going to be surprised.

Tr: We are actually going to make cover art, and actually package this one.

Me: Will The Good Life be playing in the way of shows in the next few months? Are you looking for other places to play, other bands to play with, and the like?

Za: We have our biggest show of the year in The Ides II, I think we kind of want to stick to the same thing as last year – I thought it would be cool to have the same line-up as last year, and have add something new so people are tired of the stuff that is being thrown out to them every month. All the bands that set up shows, their crowds are being cut down each time because they are sick of seeing them. We asked The Maddux to come back and play, since they haven’t played a show since. I think seeing them on stage will be fun to people. We asked the rap group Hyll 5 to play, I think that is going to be something different.

Ja: R&B…

Za: R&B. I think that is going to be good for people, because it is not the same thing as people that have instruments in their hands.

Tr: The diversity of the music too, of the bands that are playing.

Za: Reaching more people. Last year was pretty diverse too. With Cheap Sticker, that is taking 22-Left’s spot, and with us taking What Next?’s spot, that fills up the spots of the same bands as last year. We have Nick Archer’s band, which is kind of like II Deep, but with less than half of the members. They are going to play too.

Tr: This will be huge a couple of these bands, with this being Nick’s bands first live show. Hyll 5, this will be their first time performing. In front of such a large crowd, that is.

Za: We hope to surpass the crowd record, we hope to double the amount of people that were here last year.

Me: What was the number of attendees last time?

Za: 300

Tr: 500

Jo: It was only 350. We want 500 this year, minimum.

Za: I think we are going to take a lot more time publicizing this one, too.

Me: Where is this show going to be at?

Tr: GHS Auditorium.

Za: Same as last year.

Me: Are there going to be anything in the way of concessions at this show?

Za: Not at that, but I think one of the things will be how great the sound is going to be at this one.

Tr: Last year, we used the school’s PA, it was…

Za: Terrible…

Tr: Not good at all. And we are renting one this year, I think we might get a good deal on it.

Za: I think quality wise, it is going to be really good.

Tr: Kids who came last year had a blast. I don’t think they are going to realize how much better that this show will be.

Jo: I don’t think that there will be anything in the way of concessions, except for maybe band shirts. There will be the universal concert shirt, with all the bands listed.

Me: Are you going to try to do anything this year with the tendancy of individuals to divide along a prep/punk line?

Wi: Well, there is always going to be that half of the crowd who is like “You guys suck. You guys are good because you wear black”.

Za: I think that people think that the bands that are at the Ides of March hate each other, last year, it year it was like we were a family, and it was so cool. We bonded so well, and I don’t think people see it like that. They see it like we are trying to compete against each other, and I think that all we are trying to do is have fun. I think that is what a lot of bands in this town try to do .

Tr: I think certain bands that may not get to play the show think we are out to not let them play the show, when in fact, we are trying to fit all these bands in.

Za: If we invited all these bands to play that could play, it would be a 6 hour Misfits dedication show or something like that. I’m really not into that, 6 hours of Misfits, I’ll pass.

Tr: The schedule isn’t set, the ticket isn’t set. We are just trying to figure out, there are a lot of bands that want to play, and it is not worth it to play if they are only going to get a 15 minute set.

Za: I think that the great thing is is that all these bands want to play. Last year, it was like pulling teeth trying to get people to play. When people realized how many people came, and how much fun it was last year.

Me: Have you set a ticket price yet?

Tr: Yep.

Za: Same as last year, three dollars.

Jo: Benefits go to post-prom. We would like the money…

Za: Last year, there was issues with where people thought the money was going. A guy in one of the bands got mad about how he wasn’t getting any money.

Jo: We never got money last year.

Tr: Whiner.

Jo: Big Baby.

Za: The money isn’t that big of an issuel, I think I care about how many people come to our show. If I could pay $500 to play in front of 2,000 people, I’d definitely do it.

Wi : We might be going to Hagerstown, sometime soon.

Jo: Oh, we are talking about shows too. You can say that the Ides of March will be our first show [of the new year] unless we play that mid-February one.

Tr: We don’t want to play any shows until Ides from our last one.

Za: I think we want to come out fresh.

Jo: All new stuff.

Za: I want for people to be excited to see us. We dont want to play five shows between now and then and have people be like “Oh my God, we just saw them last month, I really don’t want to go see them”. I think we should hold off.

Tr: After Ides of March, I think that we are going to try to travel.

Jo: We definitely need to get out of Greencastle.

Tr: Shows for money. Right now, the only people that come to see us are our friends, and they can be pretty scarce. I want to play shows where no one knows us and we just collect money.

Wi: I am ready to go out in front of people who look at us like we are crazy.

Me: What was the last CD, LP, Cassette, or other recorded work of music each of you bought?

Wi: Man, I don’t know, go on. Oh, I got a couple of Beatles CDs a few weeks ago, they are the best.

Jo: I think the last CD I got was the Stevie Ray Vaughan CD I got for Christmas. I stole my sisters’ blues travelers CDs. I think those were the last two.

Tr: The most recent CD I got was Still Remains. Ocean Atmosphere’s : Sounds of the Sea.

Ja: I think it would be when Will gave me Stevie Ray Vaughan for Christmas.

Za: Last one I got was Hidden in Plain View.

Me: How supportive is the Greencastle scene, and if you could change one thing about it, what would it be?

Wi: The supportive people we have are friends, and people who like music. There are three or four bands that aren’t into music, and are into wearing black leather bracelets, and lets make fun of other bands so we could be cool, and call into radio stations when they are on radio stations and call them faggots.

Ja: and eskimos, and sumo wrestlers, and beavers. And okay kids.

Jo: I don’t think that the support in Greencastle is good. I think that the scene in Greencastle is more worried about people than it is about music. I think the people that are actually into music are into our stuff. But people who want to like people aren’t. The people that are our friends and like to support us, most of them don’t actually like our music, but they are like “ oh, its you guys, we will help out.” We appreciate it.

If I can change anything, I would say, just people who are more willing to go all out where live stuff goes. I think they don’t like us because of who we are.

Ja: A lot of people judge us, it’s not the music, its because they know us.

Jo: I think if we were from Crawfordsville, and nobody knew us, they would be like “Oh, you guys are really good.” That is why we are looking to play out of town now, to play in front of people who don’t know who you are. Then it is totally music, and it is totally performance.

Tr: There are a few people in Greencastle that say they are into music totally. If I ripped off my shirt at every show and I was hot, they wouldn’t care what type of music we played.

Za: Then they would be like “Oh my gosh, did you see them, they were soooo good!” I think there are aspects of the scene that are good, and like 75 percent of it just straight-up sucks, because if you look at it a year ago, the three bands that were around were like family. Within 5 months, there were 10 bands in this town that didn’t give a crap about anything and all they wanted to do was make fun of people, and say they were in a band, quit a band, and start another band. I think people make websites about bands that haven’t practiced once. I don’t get how you can even call yourself a band unless you have practiced like 5 times. I just think it is ridiculous that people in this town say they are a band, but when it comes down to it, they don’t care about the music.

Jo: It’s a fad.

Za: Yeah, it is a shame it is like that, because we started everything for the right reasons, and all these other people are into it for all of the wrong reasons. It is kind of heartbreaking.

Wi: It’s like, who has the best equipment?

Za: Who has the best equipment, let’s get them to do our show. These people don’t care about us, they just want to use our stuff. If I could change one thing, I would change how bands in this town play, perform and carry themselves on stage. If you look at it, I think the reason a lot of people don’t like us is because we are so confident on stage. People are like, “Oh my God, they are so conceited” and “They are a bunch of losers” and “oh, they are so great.”. It’s not that, we are just up there having fun. All the other bands just go up and stand there, they’ve got shit in their pants because they are scared and we just go up there and have a party. I think that is why people judge us.

Me: How do individuals get in touch with the band?

Jo: Do we have a website?

Za: No, we had one for like a week, but ..

Jo: We didn’t make it though!

Tr: That is one thing that is going to be done as far as media goes in the next few months is an actual site.

Za: No geocities or yahoo group.

Tr: It will probably be on Tripod, which is still a good service. [Ed : TGL’s website is]

Jo: We all have e-mail, and yahoo messengers.

Za: Just go on Yahoo, search on friends and type in hung, we will all be there.

Wi: Gay chat rooms.

Za: Webcams, Uh-hunh!

Tr: You can see us in the Greencastle police station on selected Saturday nights.

Me: What do you have to say to readership of Jersey Beat? Any other bands or local acts that you would like to promote?

Tr: We haven’t really become really good friends with any band yet. As far as bonding with any band, we have bonded with individuals but that is about it.

Za: I think we were really close to 22-Left. Bandwise, I think we were the first two bands, I don’t want to say punk bands, we kind of shared the same qualities and we were in the same position, starting out and everything. As far as saying something to the readers…

Jo: Give us a chance!

Za: Good music does come out of Indiana other than the Ataris.

Jo: It’s just Chris, that came out of Indiana.

Me: And Johnny Socko.

Za: Who’s that?

Me: You might remember their classic from about 5 years ago, “Bitch Stole My Hat”.

Ja: Babyface…

Me: Michael Jackson was from Indiana too…

Za: What?

Tr: We have no one to plug.

Me: Yeah, he was from Gary.

Ja: Dude, did you hear about that show at the Neverland Ranch?

Za: Yeah, we played a show at Neverland Ranch!

Me: Any other closing statements?

Za : Give us a chance!

Jo: Does it sound like we are begging?

Tr: Tell them we are coming to Jersey, because we have given up on Indiana.

Jo: One time in practice, I was pretending we were playing Jersey, and I put the microphone in front of the speakers and was like “Come on Jersey!”

Wi: “You’ve been a good crowd!”

Jo: So, we have played Jersey like 4 times. They’ve been a great crowd already.

Sorry about the delay with the third. School had just started and consumed any available time I have had. The final part will be up soon, and make sure to check out The Good Life and Guilty By Association 6 PM, February 28th, 2004, at Greencastle High School.

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