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Kingen – Ride With Me / 2007 Black Cat / 11 Tracks / / /

Kingen plays a very classy style of rock that will undoubtedly remind individuals of the early days of rock and roll. “Mary-Ann” could easily have been a hit in 1958 as it will undoubtedly be in 2008. The best thing about Kingen’s style on “Ride With Me” has to be the fact that he can create such a storied sound and yet make it into something that individuals in the current period can appreciate. Whether it is the Jerry Lee Lewis-level of piano rolls or the very natural type of percussion, individuals will easily be hooked on what Kingen presents here.

The titular “Ride With Me” has a little bit more of a current style to it, and links up quite well to the work of the Brian Setzer Orchestra and even (at the periphery) Huey Lewis and the News. While there is not quite the momentum present in “Ride With Me” that first started off “Mary-Ann”, Kingen succeeds in adopting new styles and incorporating them into his own. “She’s Mine” has a call and response style to it that firmly ensconces it into the blues tradition. However, Kingen goes far beyond the confines of blues with this track, making a song that will bounce around listeners’ heads for months to come. Whether it is the sizzling sax or the hooky vocals here, individuals will be sold on this disc by the time that “She’s Mine” ends.

“31-00-54” has all the pomp and sexy style of a “Suffragette City”, while adding more than a fair share of Rod Stewart and tops all of that off with a beat that will get individuals out on the dance floor. It seems like every track on “Ride With Me” provides individuals with a different look into the allure of Kingen. This is particularly present during “I Don’t Wanna Lose You”, which has all the pips and ornaments of seventies soul, with that little twist to make the music palatable in the current period. The inclusion of a second set of vocals during this track just give that little bit of added spice to keep individuals going, to allow them to finish up the disc with as much energy as they did going into “Mary-Ann”. Make sure to pick this album up, regardless of what your tastes in music may be – Kingen really has all bases covered.

Top Tracks: Misery, She’s Mine

Rating: 7.7/10

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