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1/2 size – 24 pages. This zine is completely different from most others that I’ve seen since it deals exclusively with mix tapes. All the magazine is is mainly lists and different descriptions of each of the mixtapes, which seems like a pretty bland topic for a zine, but Joolie makes it interesting by adding some amazing personal flares to this zine. This includes hand-scribbling various backgrounds and the like in each issue of Scorpi-Oh, which makes it feel like she is doing the magazine for you, and is not just trying to turn a quick buck for her own cause. In fact, what is most striking about the magazine may be its most simple aspect, the back cover. To get an idea of what the cover of Scorpi-Oh is like, get a brown paper bag. This is the type of paper thart Joolie uses, and aside from painting the title and subtitle, she also outlines the cover picture with glitter. I love glitter. However, on the back, she has painted, in wonderful periwinkle blue, this moon and star compilation, which has touched me since the first second that I placed my eyes on it. The lay-out of the zine is pretty simple, mixing word with always voguish cut and paste techniques, but does it in such a proportion as to not completely make the magazine tedious. Also, Joolie has wonderful writing. It looks like a professional font, and it is so punky and cute that I just want to go and give her a big hug. Kudos also goes her way for the extremely good nature that she had in dealing with me via e-mail, and the blazingly fast e-mail response that she was known to have. On top of that, she has a zine distro that everyone reading this article should support. I’m running really short on the length of this review, but I believe that a magazine of this calibre can stand on its own merit, and I should only act as a messenger to its existance. E-mail Joolie at or write to her via snail-mail at
C/o Joolie
902 Avocado Dr
Lemoore, CA 93245
You can also go to her website at


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