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Most viewers of Unelectable will know Glenn Beck as being one of the only conservative forces on CNN Headline News, but chances are good that they do not know that Beck conducts a one-person stage show. This stage show is what is ultimately captured on ”Unelectable”, and this DVD is integral to understand the funny side of Beck. The stage show is largely stand-up based, pointing out foibles in political creatures of all stripes. There seems to be more of a focus on democrats and liberal individuals, that makes sense given Beck’s ideological leanings – previous stories and interviews with Beck paint eir as an individual that is conservative but does have a problem with the current batch of Republicans that are leading the country.

Where there may be this conservative bias to “Unelectable”, the reductio ad absurdum platform planks that are present as part of the “speech” that Beck gives during the “Beck ‘08” section of the DVD speaks to what a number of conservatives really do believe but are mortified to say in real life. Watching Unelectable is something that anyone, no matter whether they are fans or not of Beck, should do. The humor present in the hour and a half of show place a different light on Beck’s own show, and may even put into question how steadfast eir beliefs regarding a number of policies truly are. Where there are not a lot of political comedians around anymore since Al Franken began campaigning seriously up in Minnesota for a Senate seat. Hopefully, the DVD will be such a success that the political comedians will begin to start coming out of the woodwork again: there just really has been no need for them since our current president is such an easy target for jokes, even by lay people.

I’d personally like to see a similar film being released of (videotaped) versions of Beck’s most memorable radio and network footage, as there are times where Beck truly shines. Make it a point to go forth and pick up “Unelectable”, watch it, and then pass it on to a friend or anyone else that is at least slightly interested in politics and the current presidential election – they will thank you for it. Thanks to Arts Alliance America for putting out something that allows viewers to see Beck’s comedy act, even when Beck may not have came within one hundred miles of their location during these performances.

Rating: 8.0/10

Glenn Beck: Unelectable / 2008 Arts Alliance America / 105 Minutes / /

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