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Somewhere out there Conor Oberst and Frank Black are listening to this EP and they’re yelling out their windows to the masses that pass to pick this stellar EP up. Bees and Birds three song EP is just incredible, where have you been all of my life, hiding these lovable tracks somewhere I bet. Bees and Birds are just fun, the name, the sound everything, it makes me smile and move around as if I was hopped on junk or something.

The first song Birds and Da Bees off the EP has such a griping sound I had to listen to it five times before I could write the first sentence and I’m still dumbfounded as how to describe it to you…I’ll try my best. The first track should be a feature in every movie that skinny pale kid from Juno/Superbad fame is in. Birds and Da Bees a lovely little love tune that keeps it timing just right hitting on all cylinders form the beginning with great vocals and a great story which I take to be about sex. T

he vocal harmonization is on another level, think Black/Cool, Moore/Gordon or any of the other great female/male duos that we all know and love. The best part about this EP well for one is has two more songs that are just as good as the first. I’ll Follow You Home seems to continue where Birds and Da Bees left off. With a great folk hook and command over their instruments the dual vocalization seems to play off the beat this time around. Waiting for a Call the final song kind of sums up the story. A bit slower but for good cause, the song is just beautiful and I feel kind of funny inside from saying that. I will sit here for a little while longer with this EP on repeat just for a little while longer hoping that a fourth track will pop out of the sky and onto it. So if you’re a member of Oberst Nation put away your worn Bright Eyes’ CD’s and get yourself the Bees and the Birds EP.

I give it a 8.8/10

Bees and the Birds – 3 song EP (2008)

-Kristopher Shepard (

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