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Prior to reading this are you a fan of any of the following bands?:
1. Bouncing Souls
2. Sonic Youth
3. Jets to Brazil/Jawbreaker
If so get your hands on In Cadeo’s 3 CD tease before reading.

I was afraid that I wouldn’t have much to say with a 3 song blip of a CD. I was very wrong, In Cadeo knows they have a good product to sell to you so why sell me all their secrets? Well as I slob on my shirt in attempt to find it on the net let me tell you about this 3 song blip. The really shocking Ghosts is a great teaser track. With haunting lyrics as the song suggests but a great beat is kept the whole time. It’s a song that those of us who are inbetween ages mature musically into and really appreciate, this is a definately something Indie-Rock Dance Night clubs won’t pick up on, it’s more of a dancy song you can dance to and not feel like a twelve-year-old again. I could sing the praises of this song alone but they come out swinging again this time instead of left field we end up in right with something else. Something shockingly different but still great, City Lights, sticks to the mature dance theme that Ghosts and picks it up a bit leaving a chilling feeling that you get when a song is just fundamentally special. The final song West is a perfect ending track to this tease to the ears. Taking from the first two songs stellar duo voices and narrated lyrical style vocals West really hits it hard keeping a fun hook throughout never losing a beat at all times everything just where it should be when you’re playing the music game. I recommend that you pick this up if you can get it and check out their website for more info on what I hope is a full length soon, here that members of In Cadeo? I want a full length soon!

I give it a 9/10

In Cadeo (Ghosts, City Lights, West)

-Kristopher D. Shepard

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