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Are you a head banging, dragon slaying, chopper riding hard-ass mother fucker who likes his women dirty, his car fast and his metal even faster!? Well than you’ve come to the right place, here’s a list and a blip about some bands you should check out in between episodes of that show on Adult Swim.

Transitonal – Nothing Real Nothing Absent

So what would happen if Mogwai would tune drop d and just melt your face with instrumental metal songs? Well you’d get Transitonal’s latest Nothing Real Nothing Absent a really intense to the ears kind of record you play in the car on the way to work to chew someone out. Hell, I could see this becoming a huge hit in high school football players locker rooms before the big game against whoever. If the blood is just rushing to that vein in your head don’t pass out yet for there is much more metal to strike while the iron is hot!

Society 1 – Live and Raw

I don’t really have words to describe how frightened I was of the cover of Society 1’s Live and Raw. It’s fucking petrifying and I wish I had a house to play it at during Halloween. I’d probably have to keep the lights on for fear of one of the members of Society 1 lurching in to steal my beer and woman. As the title says this is very live and very raw, so raw it’s still bleeding on your plate. Bottom lip quivering in fear yet? Well it will be, this fourteen track head splitter would wake the dead and if you’re into that why not go ahead and use it to do that? So pop it in turn it up and look mean because that’s the only look available with a purchase of this album.

Made In China – Sonic Blog v1.0

You thought I was done didn’t you? Well you might want to put the kids to bed before you pop in Made In China’s latest release. Not so much metal but definitely shocking and different….to say the very least. So this one goes out to all my brothers in arms who scoff at capitalist American society! Yeah, you already digging this aren’t you well go ahead metal master and get out your anarchy burger from the fridge put on some porn (mute it) and bob your head to Made In China and maybe every once in awhile flip the bird to that camera they have hidden in your house.

To all my most metal of friends, you know who you are, listen in and keep looking back for some more teeth gnashing goodness soon, and remember keep on rocking in the not so free world brother (sister)!
-Kristopher D. Shepard

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