Posted on: October 25, 2008 Posted by: Kristopher Shepard Comments: 1

Planeside – Under the circumstances it’s not such a bad idea… is an engrossing album. It offers six songs clocking in just under twenty minutes. Daniella the first track a pop-punk diddy about a girl, just the way it should be upbeat and a play off the pain reminds me of the summer of 97′ ya know when me and some guys started a band tried real hard?

Anyway, Singin’ Love Songs Down in the Park is so completely different it’s like night and day. With a harder edge to it and complete loss of any punk rock giddiness. From there on everything starts to blend and it becomes apparent just what kind of band Planeside is…a band of Nickelback fans. I don’t feel that I can say anything but that for you to understand just how shitty this album ends up being with such a great song starting it out.

Planeside, take my advice, Nickelback fucking sucks, will always suck and never had a chance to do anything but suck still to songs like Daniella I don’t really wanna hear any of your mushy middle-age sex anthems when I’m flipping stations. Fuck no!

I give it a 1.2/10 (Daniella rocked.)

-Kristopher D. Shepard

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  1. I have this CD and am surprised by your commetns. Considering the third track is a country acoustic song it leads me to believe you didn’t take the tme to listen any further, Things progress in a different direction from then on. Typical!

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