Posted on: October 27, 2008 Posted by: Kristopher Shepard Comments: 0

Everyone has their musical fantasies, those songs you listen to during the nastiest of sexy-times. Well I think that’s what Sergeant had in mind when they recorded their 2006 album Midnight to Midnight. I’ve heard some pretty wacky songs over my short years but this is some straight tie you up beat you and burn you shit. Total SNM debauchery, but all in all the tunes aren’t that bad.

The vocals sound a lot like The Distillers or even Courtney Love, I’m not really giving anyone any incentive to check this out am I? Well it also has NU-Metal feel to it but it’s not all bad. The Rook and The Bishop stands out on this album as the only really good song for those of us who never got into Linkin Park, using plenty of effects and noodling with some pretty heavy guitar if played loud enough it really kicks. All in all if you’re into the NU-Metal thing then go search for this disc because you won’t be disappointing in the slightest.

I give it a 3/10

Sergeant – Midnight to Midnight (2006)

-Kristopher D. Shepard

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