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“…a sublime combination of dour, druggy vocals and corkscrewing guitars.” – J. Edward Keyes of Rollingstone

Back from the release of the Fall In EP, Dead Heart Bloom is returning with their latest EP, Oh Mercy.  It is the second in a series of three EPs being released in 2008.  The series, embracing several styles yet lyrically and conceptually tied together, will be released on KEI Records.

Oh Mercy

All three EPs will be available in CD format as well as free download at

Previous Praise for Dead Heart Bloom:

Dead Heart Bloom is releasing three EPs in the near future, and this is the first. God help us all. If the next two are as good as this one, the combination of the three might be more than civilization can handle.
Aiding and Abetting

…DHB deliver giant-sized guitar noise topped with gianter-size religious cynicism.

If Boris Skalsky plays his cards right, he just might have another Short List nod, or better yet win, in the years to come.
The Tripwire

An amazing mixture of indie pop, alternative rock, and shifting soundscapes, Dead Heart Bloom is easily one of the year’s best independent albums.

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