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It has been a while since I have had the chance to review a comic zine, but Noah Van Sciver was gracious enough to go forth and send over a copy of Blammo #2 for review in NeuFutur. The style of the comic bounces back and forth between life stories, interviews with comic creators and band members, with all pieces linked together with the same neurotic, funny style.

The “Five things I hate.” piece is even more interesting when you read (incorrectly) that all the people in the article are wearing crocs, while the only thing that seems to drag on in the slightest would have to be the interview that is conducted with Joe Matt.

“When I Was in San Francisco”, while short, is humorous while imbuing some of the paranoia and distaste for humanity that is linked at various places through the entirety of Blammo. While there are a number of comics out now that may have lower price points, I would have to pick Blammo out each time because there is just so much to go through, with a replay value that is simply off of the charts. Blammo may just be the first magazine or comic I’ve ever paid to subscribe to, and you should look into doing the same.
Rating: 8.6/10

Blammo #2 / $4.00 / :20 / 32M / /

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