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Art Brut one of the better pop driven indie-rock bands out there’s newest album Art Brut Vs. Satan, available April 21,2009, is another assshaker all the way. From songs about growing up to an ode to the “record buying public” and a great song about finding the greatness that is The Replacements, Art Brut Vs. Satan is another great album by Art Brut. Over eleven tracks they once again turn up the volume and force you to put on your dancing shoes, but not all the track are sugary sweet pop songs as theres some more mature natured songs also.

Starting out with “Alcoholics Unanimous” the odd track out much like their previous releases fist track a nod to staying up all night and waking up with your head in a while, a great hangover song. The second track, “DC Comics And Chocolate Milkshake,” is about as sweet as the title hints at with a little jab at growing up too slowly. “Demons Out!” an ode to non-fans and people to give their latest release a try as this is Art Brut Vs. Satan! There’s plenty of songs about influential bands but “The Replacements” a song about finding The Replacements and feeling left out something any young Mats’ fan can appreciate and understand. It finishes up with “Mysterious Bruises,” another silly in love pop song by Art Brut an instant favorite.

Over eleven tracks Art Brut shows us that they’re maturing although slowy. Still pumping out great pop/dance tracks for the Indie-Pop nation. With endless hooks throughout it’s hard to not listen a few times and hum along to the beat. Art Brut Vs. Satan is the best album from the band yet and could very well be their breakthrough album here in the States with it’s mainstream friendly dance songs. Defintely check it out when it comes out on April 21.

I give it a 7.5/10
Key Tracks: “DC Comics and Choclate Milkshake,” “What A Rush,” “Mysterious Bruises”

Art Brut – Art Brut Vs. Satan (available April 21,2009)

-Kristopher D. Shepard

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