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So, let’s get down to business, All the While by Frances is one of those catchy Indie-Pop discs that everyone seems to have two or three of laying around for their hipper crowd of friends to enjoy. It’s a disc you can pop in the car and drive too, have a conversation with and sometimes even get out on the dance floor and shake your ass to. With some really great lyrics and musical talent Frances doesn’t go out on too many limbs keeping it pretty grounded in that Indie-Pop sound.

The title/first track, ‘All the While’, really kicks things into gear the right way making sure your attention is held with it’s wonderful sound, I really love when the female vocalist pops in and busts the whole thing down. My personal choice and new play list favorite, ‘The Brain’ follows with a dreamy lullaby approach letting the music take over at just the right points. The next three tracks while listenable and very good just don’t stand up to the sixth track ‘Tomorrow Gold’ which completetly turns things on it’s head for almost four minutes leading you into ‘Locket’ which puts the ship back on course.

Frances – ‘All the While’ is a wonderfully crafted album. With catchy hooks coming from left and right it takes a lot not to find yourself tapping your foot to the beats. If you’re a fan of the genre than Frances will definitley meet all the lofty expectations of said fans. I will most definitley be reccomending friends to take the time to listen. To wrap things up it’s a pretty solid album from top to bottom and like i said if you’re a fan of the genre this album is for you.

I give it a 7.5/10

-Kristopher Shepard

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