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It may have taken a few years (the show begin in 2001), but My Wife & Kids finally has a DVD. The fact that the show took so many years from original air date to DVD release should show interested consumers that for future volumes (and seasons) of the show to be released, Lionsgate has to see that the original fan base that made the show such a big hit originally is still there. The show itself surrounds Michael (Wayans), a non-traditional worker that feels at points inadequate vis-à-vis eir day-trader wife (Campbell-Martin) and three amazing children.

Where the first season started a little on the slow side (“The Truth Hurts” seems to follow a little dated of pretense regarding “outrageous” tattoos), things start to come together well during the second half of the season. “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” showcases both a mid-life crisis and the importance of friends in the determinants of life’s trajectory. Of course, mid-season episodes like “Grassy Knoll” (interspersing comedic happenings with the effects smoking marijuana) and “Making The Grade” (the evils of blackmail and lying) are strong in their own right, but Wayans et al really ratchet things up as the different cast members become more familiar with each other.

There may not be much in the way of extra features on this DVD set, but the presence of these episodes provides viewers with enough bang for their buck. The picture quality is crisp, the audio is sharp; the comedy (the show’s most important facet) still works in 2009 as it did when the show originally aired. So, if you liked My Wife & Kids the first time that the show aired, purchase a copy of the Season One box set. Nearly four and a half hours of Damon Wayans, Tisha Campbell-Martin, and the rest of the crew await.

Rating: 8.2/10

My Wife & Kids: Season One (DVD) / 2009 Lionsgate / 264 Minutes /

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