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A Plumm Summer has been out in some form since 2007, but it is only just now that it is seeing its DVD release. The film itself surrounds the theft of a frog puppet, and showcases the acumen of a set of children, at some points exceeding that of the FBI in regards to solving the case. The film itself is based off a real-life event that hit the town of Billings (Montana) all the way back in 1968; what results in A Plumm Summer is something that extends well beyond any time constraints, and is in all reality a really solid film that will speak to individuals of all ages.

In much the same way, the trio of actors that take the focal point of the film show wisdom well beyond their years. However, viewers should not only watch A Plumm Summer because of the work of these three; veteran actor Jeff Daniels directed the film, while Henry Winkler and William Baldwin both lend their considerable talents to this release. The amount of different special features that are present on the A Plumm Summer DVD add considerably to the release. This means that there is a gag reel feature that will have viewers cracking up, while the deleted scenes option provides further context about the film.

Finally, it is the commentary that is laid down for the DVD release that represents the greatest bonus that viewers can receive here; after watching the movie, viewers that take on the commentary will be tuned into a number of different nuances that may not have immediately became obvious at the initial viewing. While fans of family films will like A Plumm Summer, I believe that the title has tremendous amounts of crossover ability. If you want to see a solid piece of film, regardless of one’s taste, make it a point to rent or purchase this film.

Rating: 7.6/10

A Plumm Summer (DVD) / 2009 Paramount / 99 Minutes / /

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