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We would have gotten this spirit reviewed quicker, but we lost the bottle for a significant part of time. Seriously though, we have to put an apology to the firm that sent out the bottle at the beginning of this review. For those that do not know about Orzel, this Polish vodka is apparently “Filtered Over Quartz”. How this is beneficial to the spirit over charcoal, I may never know, but the proof would have to be in the taste. The vodka itself is filtered a total of six times, and imbibers that get a chance to taste this vodka would do best to go into the tasting with a clean palette and with a shot glass.

Open the bottle, get a whiff of Orzel’s inoffensive nose, and pour the clear liquid into the glass. When you get your first taste of the spirit, swish it around your mouth. What tasters will notice is that there is an alcoholic bite, but there does not seem to be the grittier taste that is present in a number of different vodkas. Finish this experiment and get some different mixers out of the refrigerator; I’d suggest Orange juice, Squirt, and milk for a good introduction to this facet of the vodka. Feel free to adjust these to your own personal taste, but I feel that the different mixers would provide more than a fair share of ways to enjoy the Orzel.

The Screwdriver created with the marriage of the Orzel and the Orange Juice a strong fruit flavor while having the alcoholic body operation just under the service, while the Squirt does and admirable job in hiding the alcoholic taste (however little it may be) of the Orzel. Making a White Russian with the milk shows a perfectly moderate drink that should provide drinkers with the perfect triangulation of the spirit. To cool off, just throw Orzel on the rocks and put your feet up: you deserve it after that, for sure.

Rating: 8.2/10

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