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Chicago, Illinois; Local hip-hop artist Seryiouz has just released his second LP Electric Liquid, under Chaodic Records. It is his follow up to the 2005 underground gem Rise from the Wreckage. Electric Liquid is a fusion of electro, funk, soul, with afro-cuban and urban rhythms. Seryiouz holds his own lyrically over strong production with street wise anthems, party joints, and political commentary.

Featuring the first-ever cast of producers from all sides of Chicago:

Harvy Allbangers (Wu-Tang Clan, Corona)
12 Tones (L.E.P., Will from making the band)
Jahmal Rashid (Beanie Segal, Dip Set, Monica, Jay-Z)
Grant Parks (KRS-1, Straw tha Don, GLC)
Griff (J-Direct, Zilla Rocca)
Trauma & Jesse Parks
About Seryiouz:

Seryiouz was born on the southside of Chicago, but moved with his family out to nearby Harvey at the age of 10. His parents decided on the move to protect him and his younger brother from falling victim to the streets like their older brother. However, after and few years in Harvey, crime from the city trickled down and to date is Chicago’s third poorest suburb. Growing up, Seryiouz was influenced by the streets and would participate in the action. After several suspensions from school, his parents decided to channel his energy through music. Seryiouz joined the school band and excelled as a trumpet player throughout high school. Always the wordsmith, Seryiouz also had his poem “Neighborhood Jungle,” selected as one of the winners of a contest held by the late, great Gwendolyn Brooks.

Seryiouz was influenced by a diverse class of artists like Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Ray Charles, Prince, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Tupac, Biggie, Twisted Sister, The Cars, Hall and Oates, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Slick Rick, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, and Stevie Wonder. However, Seryiouz never really took rapping seriously, and was only known as a witty freestyler amongst his peers. Seryiouz later decided to make a career out of Hip-Hop after the feeling he would get from people’s reaction to his music.

Seryiouz released his first LP entitled Rise From the Wreckage, in 2005. The 10-Track concept album created a nice buzz in the Chicagoland area.

It also lead to him being discovered by Scott Marshall, CEO of Philadelphia based Chaodic Records. The union birthed his second LP Electric Liquid, which is slated to be released this summer. Seryiouz has won several local talent shows and has been featured in showcases throughout the city of Chicago. To date, one of Seryiouz’ biggest accomplishments was having “Get Gone”, a collaboration with longtime friends J-Direct, featured on the season premiere of MTV’s Real World in Australia. Seryiouz has also been on many mixtapes with fellow Chicago artists that include Renegade, J-Direct, and Coalmine Music.


Now available at: & iTunes music store
CONTACT: [email protected]
1. Victory Is Mine
2. Chop Suey (Feat. King Troy T)
3. It’s My Time
4. Ease Up Off Me
5. Tweakin’
6. Rippin’ And Runnin’
7. Ride Down On Yo’ Boy
8. On 10
9. Tonite’s Yo’ Nite
10. $lick [email protected]$*h
11. Electric Liquid
12. U’s A Freak (Feat. Tyfeni)
13. U Don’t Need Dat
14. Storming
15. Trooper’s Paradise (Feat. Noc Ill,
Bobby Sills & Margo)
16. Get Right
17. I Got U (Feat. Margo)
18. Gimmie Mine

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