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“Said The Dog” is a track that will immediately get Funeral In The Mirror a listener base that previously found themselves fans of They Might Be Giants or Da Vinci’s Notebook. Where there is a decidedly electronic feel to the overall sound of “Said The Dog”, there also exists a much more indie feel to the song that will appeal to fans of acts like Matt and Kim. The dual staggered vocals present during the track further turn up the complexity of the track while still keeping the song incredibly catchy and memorable.

“Valentine” is much more stripped down and gritty than “Said The Dog”, but Funeral In The Mirror continue to include infectious harmonies and driving beats that will keep them in the minds of any that they have touched. While there seems to be a number of different elements present in the creation of “Valentine”, I feel that one element – the keys – shines the brightest. Touching upon a “Pretty Hate Machine”-era Nine Inch Nails while fleshing out a band’s song usually is a death knell for an act, but Funeral In The Mirror are able to showcase their influences while creating a mythos surrounding themselves.

“I Feel It” may just be the most interesting track on the album for me, as it starts out similarly to Alice Cooper’s classic “School’s Out” before shifting into a slinky track that uses little more than keys and drums to catch listeners. Funeral In The Mirror represents a new sound, and one that I feel will act as the catalyst for a new genre that will blend together electronic, punk, indie, and metal influences into one hard-hitting yet danceable sound. Buy a copy of “Old Wolf Thoughts” and keep an eye to when the act may play live – if Funeral In The Mirror could bring half of the vitality captured here to a stage, I’d be impressed.

Top Tracks: Said The Dog, I Feel It

Rating: 8.2/10

Funeral In The Mirror – Old Wolf Thoughts / 2010 Human Inhuman / /

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