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There is a nice, light tan head that pours with decently thick lacing, with a very light nose present outside of the bottle. The initial taste is a blend of toasted coffee and chocolate, having more in the way of bite compared to other stouts. Where the Out of Bounds Stout weighs in as a lighter ABV than a number of microbrewery stouts and heavier than some traditional (English, Irish) ones, there seems to be a distinctive, unique taste that really distinguishes the Out of Bounds Stout as something special.

A session with the beer would imbue a warm feeling without too much in the way of intoxication, as the beer will fit in perfectly as a palette-cleanser for lamb and beef dishes. Successfully navigating every problem inherent in the stout typology, the Out of Bounds represents a perfect marriage of bitter and sweet, chocolate and mocha, and should be in the refrigerators of anyone that could conceivably pick up a sixer of the beer. Keep an eye out on the alcohol section of NeuFutur, as we have a few more Avery products that we will be sampling in the weeks and months to come.

Rating: 8.2/10

Out of Bounds Stout (5.1% ABV) / Avery Brewing Co /

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