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David Christensen was a talented singer-songwriter that tragically took his own life in 2009. Those that were close to him took to their own instruments, creating a twelve-track memorial of his life and music. “Tribute Volume One” begins with “Let You Down”, performed by Devin Belle. Belle’s needs little more than a rich set of vocals and a guitar to bring tremendous emotion to the track. The addition of drums to the track gives a fullness, a richness that bodes well for the rest of the tracks on the album. Rachel Williams’ twist on “Where I Can See You” changes things up in the interplay that her vocals with a martial-type drumming and a spontaneous set of shifts through different sounds and styles. Where a number of the tracks on “Tribute Volume One” seem to reside in the alternative, singer-songwriter type of mold, Taylor Henry’s version of “Imaginary Friend” matches up current country with a Counting Crows and Oasis approach.

Donny Anderson comes forth with a version of “She Won’t Stop” that pits his vocals against the instrumentation,, resulting in a track that is decidedly better than its constituent part. The catchiness of his vocals during “She Won’t Stop” are so much in fact that I will be looking into the rest of his musical work after this CD spins down. Where Christensen’s passing on is sad, the ability of these musicians to create beautiful tracks throughout should provide happiness for anyone lucky enough to tune in.

What individuals will hear, no matter whether they knew Christensen is someone that could put together a tremendous song, and a set of individuals that forever have been touched by his own unique view of music. The album comes in at under $10, so anyone looking to remember him directly or just to hear some intelligently-written music would do well to pick themselves up a copy. The “Volume One” tag at the end of the title gives me hope that other Christensen songs will be brought to a disc format in the months and years to come.

Top Tracks: Let You Down, Where I Can See You

Rating: 8.5/10

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