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Il Divo – Siempre / 2006 Sony / 10 Tracks / / / Reviewed 15 January 2006

Il Divo is an act that can best be described as a boy band for the upper crust. Simon Cowell (the individual behind American Idol) founded this act after hearing to Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. Much like those two, Il Divo’s music represents an approachable foray into classical and opera styles of music. Unlike the cookie cutter bands which Il Divo have more than a passing resemblance to, Simon Cowell’s search for members of the band took a good two years to complete. Where individuals were found in all places for boy bands (and to think that Orlando was such a hotbed for that type of musical activity), Il Divo came together much more slowly.

The band has been on a fever pitch since their creation, with an album coming out in each of the three years since their foundation as a band. “Siempre” is the third of these albums, and pushed around 500,000 copies of the album in a short time. The disc starts off with their reinterpretation of the classic track “Nights in White Satin”. The track is transformed from a relic of the past into something that is much more vibrant and lively. The band shows their international flavor with the smattering of tracks that either flirt with or entirely go headlong into a foreign language. While individuals may not have a full idea about what Il Divo are singing at all points of “Siempre”, they will be surprised with the ability and talent that is shown with every track that is on the disc.

The new, non-cover tracks on this album are few (I can count three), but the tracks both covers and non are imbued with a specific sound that makes this as indelibly an Il Divo track. The inclusion of the Moody Blues songs on this album will not transfer into a larger audience base for Il Divo. This is not to say that the act needs more fans with their stellar sales figures, but if the act were to cover some newer tracks in the same style as those on “Siempre”, the younger crowd could get behind them in droves. Il Divo is an act that bridges the pop and more refined sensibilities, and while they may classical music’s closest thing to a boy band, they create music that is always solid and interesting without being saccharine or otherwise trite or over the top.

Top Tracks: Nights In White Satin, Una Noche

Rating: 6.3/10


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