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“Whiskey & Cocaine” is the first track that listeners will sink their teeth into when they get their copy of Thee Nosebleeds’ self-titled release. This is an absolutely balls to the wall type of track that comes forth from the early eighties heavy rock / metal style of Iron Maiden, onward through the thrash-laden riffs of speed bands like Anthrax, and even comes forth to the current brutality preferred by listeners of XM’s Liquid Metal. Not one to rest on their laurels, Thee Nosebleeds kick up a further dust-storm with “South Street Shooting Spree”.

The track keeps up the sizzling guitars and splashing drums of “Whiskey & Cocaine”, but firmly places their lot in with bands like Motorhead and Glenn Danzig-fronted Misfits. “As Fast As You Can” continues with the sub-three minute assaults. However, the band shows their skill in the creation of a weaved-in narrative, full of harmony even as the band continues to slaughter the album. Where many bands in the metal genre look to be the most pigeonholed and compartmentalized act that thney could conceivably be, Thee Nosebleeds rejoice in placing odes to every metal genre that has came forth in the forty or so years since acts like Black Sabbath and Accept first released albums. The frenetic energy of the band continues through the different pieces of this self-titled release.

The anger and bile of the lead vocals stand front and center during “Motormouth”, while “Thirteen Days” is a sing-along anthem that dances close to the catchy works of acts like early Rise Against (or even the late-eighties DIschord scene). Listeners are not given much time to think during “Thee Nosebleeds”, meaning that a number of listens are virtually required for listeners to fully understand what is going on here. The band may strive to make the hardest-rocking and most intense album that they can possibly make, but the technical virtuosity and vocal ability of the band is nothing to sneeze at. The band may have a pretty close grouping to the tracks here, but the thirteen songs of the album show that the act is masters of their domain.

Top Tracks: As Fast As You Can, Flight of the Bucket

Rating: 8.4/10

Thee Nosebleeds – Thee Nosebleeds / 2010 Self / 13 Tracks / /

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