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“Revival Rock” is exactly that. The cuts from this album are such that listeners will feel that they are in a different time, but with a small twist. SweetKiss Momma is able to have the bluesy style of a CCR or Guess Who, but has enough talent to make current listeners fall in love with the band. By crossing over between two distinct sets of listeners, “Revival Rock” can speak to young, old, and to fans of a wide variety of rock music.

“Strange Fire” is a ballsy track for SweetKiss Momma. This is due to the fact that while the band has successfully brought listeners in with both “Mercy Love” and “Rocket Ride”, the length of “Strange Fire” may be a little on the intimidating side. However, the great thing about SweetKiss Momma has to be the sheer grit and determination that they place into the creation of every track. “Strange Fire” may thus be a long track, but a style based off a “Tuesday’s Gone” or “Free Bird”-era Lynyrd Skynyrd ultimately makes this a hit. Furthermore, rather than merely working off a formula that works, the inclusion of a more psychedelic rock sound showcases a uniqueness to SweetKiss Momma’s sound that continues throughout all 12 tracks here.

“Ounce Left of Pride” may just be the best of all tracks here. The soulful vocals are matched by an equally-virtuosic guitar line, while the splashiness of the drums ensure that this track is forever tattooed on the hearts of anyone lucky enough to listen in. “Revival Rock” ends with “Slow Fade”, a short little dirty that nevertheless contains a ton of emotion. Little more is needed for the opening of this track than a man and a guitar, and while the song gets a little more instrumentation, this close-knit feel acts as a perfect ending for what is truly a rockin’ title.

Top Tracks: Mercy Love, Ounce Left of Pride

Rating: 8.1/10

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