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Pharmacopia Aromatherapy Body Lotion is perhaps the best body lotion that we have used, and there are a good many reasons for why that is. The fragrance is what will immediately lure individuals in. The Pharmacopia Aromatherapy Body Lotion line contains two efforts – Citrus and Lavender – that are mild while still having an assertive fragrance. The ability of these body lotions to spread is without fault – a small amount will go over a wide area, ensuring that individuals will be able to use a single bottle for a considerably long time. The body lotion is absorbed by the skin well, meaning that there will not be any additional grease or gunk present.

The price of the body lotion – the Pharmacopia website places an eight ounce bottle at $18 – is cheap considering its quality vis-à-vis other products on the market. If you would like to treat someone to one of the best back rubs that they could receive, make sure to pick up a bottle of the Pharmacopia Aromatherapy Body Lotion (we preferred the Lavender slightly over the Citrus) and get to cracking. The largely-organic composition of the Pharmacopia Aromatherapy Body Lotion (70% of the materials are organic) along with the quality of the essential oils that are used to provide fragrance makes this a body lotion that is without comparison.

Vegans should also feel free to use this line, as it has been certified by the company as vegan-friendly; the presence of shea butter and aloe vera acts as the perfect moisturizer for all.

Rating: 9.1/10

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