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Having a pair of ATH-WS55 headphones is like having a receiver and a sound system all in one. This is due to the extreme care that Audio Technica has taken in creating a balanced effort in this product. While the bass comes through with an assertive thump, the sheer amount of frequencies that can be reproduced ensures that listeners get the entire picture. The slider allows a proper fit, no matter how one’s head may be shaped, while the earpads seal perfectly around a listener’s ears. What results when one listens to the ATH-WS55 headphones is something that is completely immersive while keeping the ambient noise of the rest of the room quiet.

We were able to try out a number of different musical genres during our time with the ATH-WS55 headphones, and found a faithful reproduction of the original music no matter what track we had playing. This even included bass-heavy rap tracks alongside shred-worthy metal and rock songs. The only drawback that we could even begin to make in our review of the ATH-WS55 headphones would be that the plugin could stand to be a few inches longer. However, a seat close to a receiver or computer will ensure that this does not present itself to be any sort of problem.

At a price point that is a hair under $100, there is no reason that individuals should not purchase a set of the ATH-WS55 headphones. I believe that this will be the perfect gift for any audiophile that is in the market for headphones, or for individuals that are just looking to avoid the loss of fidelity between their machine and their ears.

Rating: 9.6/10

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