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The amount of kung fu and other similar types of action movies that have came out in the last few years is at a number that is much lower than during the genre’s heyday (1960s-1980s). The quality of these films have dipped slightly, but there is a solid flick in Last Kung Fu Monk. Screen Media Films has released this title to United States audiences, which focuses on the trials and tribulations of Li Long. Li Long is a master of the martial arts, and is a fish out of water in New York City.

Rather than raise eir fists, Li Long has in eir charge the child of eir brother. Coming to terms with a much more tranquil life, Li Long has begun a dojo in which ey can teach the local inhabitants the ins and outs of eir discipline. However, the individuals that have given Li Long the money to make this school are less than savory. Trying to force Li Long into a brutal world of underground fighting, members of the Russian mafia abscond with Long’s charge. Instead of following the wishes of the Mafia, Li Long has to take up eir old mantle ad destroy the forces that would have eir kowtow.

The storyline of the Last Kung Fu Monk is well paced and has plot elements that follow nicely from the rest of the genre’s films. The action sequences are stunning, with a proper amount of downtime present in between each. The Last Kung Fu Monk may just be the one kung fu flick that individuals should purchase on DVD this year. The quality is there, acting and action is perfect, and one will be on the edge of their seat the entire time.

Rating: 7.6/10

Last Kung Fu Monk (DVD) / 2011 Screen Media / 94 Minutes /

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