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Over the course of the last fifteen years, Creatine has been one of the best ways that individuals can gain muscle mass. The different formulations of that compound have attempted to remove some of the problems inherent in its original formulations, leading to a current period in which Athletic Edge can create their Creatine RT. Russian Tarragon bolsters the absorption of creatine, pushing the amount of absorption well above other similar products.

We tested Creatine RT over the course of a month, and noticed that we were able to move up in weights much easier than in previous months. Where we were limited to 5-10 pounds of increases on various workouts on other creatine-containing products, the month on Creatine RT allowed us to move up 10 or 15 pounds (we were able to even increase by 20 pounds on our leg presses). The absence of sugar ensures that bodybuilders with diabetes will be able to take Creatine RT, while those that are on a carb-restricting diet will not feel as if they are cheating by taking the supplement.

The supplement is strong enough to work all day after one dosing, while it avoids the loading phase that was required in previous generations of products (many supplement companies still use these older forms of creatine, even today). Check out the store today for Athletic Edge products; they are offering a one-month supply of the Creatine RT for $21. Creating a stack with other AE products (such as their pre-workout IntraXCell and intra-workout IntrAbolic) will ensure some serious lean muscle gains.

Rating: 8.3/10

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