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Catman Cohen has taken his fair share of journeys over the course of his career. Confessions of a Shadow is his latest album, and each of the album’s 15 tracks add considerably to the performer’s mythos. While Cohen’s name is listed as the name on the disc, the sheer amount of individuals working to make this a reality is astounding. The bookending “The Final Confessions” tracks further establish the epic nature of the release. The two distinct ways to enjoy Confessions of a Shadow ensure that fans of any ilk can appreciate what is present. A particularly high point on this album has to be Francis Dunnery’s additional vocals on Fireworks Hill. Dunnery’s work adds further subtext to an already dense composition. The strategy use of guest vocalists on a number of Confessions of a Shadow’s track allows for decidedly different styles and sounds to shine, all united under Cohen’s masterful mind.

What I would personally like to see would be how the musical is converted to a live act. With Confessions of a Shadow, we are provided just the bare skeleton. I believe that Cohen should be able to parlay this musical into a live show, but I would like to see how the banter and plot is further expanded. I believe that Annette Lum’s vocals, which weave themselves throughout the full body of Confessions of a Shadow, will indelibly tattoo themselves upon the hearts of anyone lucky enough to listen in.
Cohen’s move away from an introspectively-themed album into full-blown rock musical showcases his diversity as an artist. At no point does Cohen remove the emotional intensity that has been such a compelling thread in his discography.

Confessions of a Shadow is a musical that looks to blow the roof off of the genre – it is a once in a lifetime experience for listeners and those that crafted the effort. Give it a go today.

Top Tracks: Fireworks Hill, This Song is for My Mother

Rating: 9.1/10

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