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Seattle’s Quintet Death Metal band “BLACK BREATH” Have just finished their second LP. “Sentenced To Life” and are ready to release it on an unsuspecting public March 27th on Southern Lord Records. This is the sophomore release from them following the band’s 2010 debut album, “Heavy Breathing” Band members are Neil (Vocals) Eric (Guitar) Mark (Guitar) Elijah (Bass) Jamie (Drums) Recorded at God City Studios with Kurt Ballou, and had the finished product mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side.

With 10 tracks running a little under 33 minutes, “Sentenced To Life” Did something I thought was impossible it put the black back in black metal and it kicked Norwegian death metal right in the balls and it is about time! When the opening track “Feast of the Damned” started it about knocked me out of my chair I thought I had accidentally loaded Slayers “South Side Of Heaven” great way to get started! Then there is the title track “Sentenced to Life.” Excellent intro merciless guitars and Neil’s howling vocals are a perfect fit! My favorite track “Mother Abyss” will attack of your senses with some very heavy thrash riffs.

This release is more aggressive and more angry than their Debut and kept me busy giving myself a concussion from all my headbanging. If you are a fan of any of the band’s earlier work then “Sentenced to Life” should definitely be in your collection. If you haven’t heard of Black Breath yet, but you like similar bands such as “Nails” or “Oathbreaker”. Buy this album. “BLACK BREATH” in my opinion has been heavily influenced by some of the 90s best thrash/black metal bands such as hellhammer and Celtic frost.

I highly recommend “Sentenced To Life”
rating 9/10


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