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Oftentimes when I write reviews, I find that where a band hails has absolutely nothing to do with how they sound. Slim Loris, a Swedish export, is a perfect example of this. The style of music that they foster during Down To Earth takes influences from England, the United States, and countless different eras of rock.
Low is the initial salvo on this disc, and it immediately hits listeners between the eyes.
Into The Stillness is an early gem for Slim Loris, owing much to the band’s instrumental capacity. Limiting themselves to less than three minutes, Slim Loris cuts nothing less than a shambling masterpiece. Even with the track’s twists and turns, the guitars, bass, and drums (and fiddle) unite to make a cohesive effort. Taken together, the twelve tracks on Down To Earth do much the same – whether touching on psychedelic, sixties pop, or a contemporary alternative sound (Lucero, Muse, and Franz Ferdinand all come to mind) – the band weaves threads through the title. I find the band’s eclectic blend of styles reminiscent to the tack taken by World Inferno / Friendship Society and Defiance, Ohio; Blackstones hits as many markers, styles, genres, and influences as a band would touch upon on a whole album. The band’s constancy makes this a cornerstone of the album.

The band’s website allows listeners to pay (pretty much) any cost for Down To Earth; while the band’s minimum is $5, I believe that those lucky enough to happen upon the band will pay much more. Keep an ear to the ground about Down To Earth, and make it a point to see them live whenever the opportunity arises.

Top Tracks: Waiting For Something, At The End of Our Tears

Rating: 8.7/10

Slim Loris – Down To Earth (CD) / 2012 Self / 12 Tracks /

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