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Fans of films that deal with an attack or with doomsday will love The Divide. Those that wish to see the sheer extent of what humanity would do in such a situation will appreciate the Unrated version of the film. The title has a huge ensemble cast, tying together Lauren German (Hostel: Part II), Courtney B. Vance (Law and Order), and Michael Eklund (The Day). Xavier Gens gets into the mind of humanity and places it on the screen. While the events that are covered during The Divide are an extreme, I believe that what ey shows here is how base and vile the human race can honestly be.

I believed at the beginning of the film that the survivors would be able to have a happy ending, but Gens’ desire to capture a realistic set of events showcases that this would not be remotely similar to what would happen in a nuclear attack. The film’s overall production values are impressive, throwing viewers into a world in which there is little hope. The transfer of the print by Anchor Bay keeps this immersion factor, allowing for a crystal clear picture to be married to a similarly strong audio track.

What results in The Divide is a film that will establish the film careers of anyone that has contributed; it is incredibly compelling, well-acted, and is the perfect sort of popcorn film for a party or other social event. Make sure to keep an ear to the ground about Xavier Gens; I believe that eir name may be the one we hear as the next big Hollywood director.

Rating: 9.3/10

The Divide (Blu-Ray / DVD) / 2012 Anchor Bay / 122 Minutes /

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