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There is an eclectic sound that is fostered on This Is Our Time that will immediately impress. Rather than  merely tracing over the styles and genres that are popular, Kevin Gullickson is able to create something bold and new with each of the 11 tracks on this album. The first track, Rising, is the perfect microcosm – in the nearly five minutes of the track, listeners will be provided with hints and pieces of what is to come. Borders is able to ride on the momentum created through this introductory track, as well as provide listeners with a very focused track. While not as expansive as Rising, Borders is a heart-felt track that will have listeners singing along well after the cut (and disc) has ceased.

The disc stays strong through its middle registers; Money, You Don’t Own Me is a powerful track that unites vocals and instrumentation into one cohesive entity. New Direction capitalizes nicely on the wakes left by this behemoth, and showcases the scintillating mélange of styles and influences that started off the album. This track looks back to the halcyon days of The Beatles while still firmly rooting itself in a style that can be appreciated by all. Two Simple Words is the penultimate track on This Is Our Time; far from gliding gently to rest, Radio Drive keeps things strong until the end.

Make it a point to see Radio Drive live; I believe that they will be able to emote to their fans in a way that cannot be captured on disc. This Is Our Time is one of the best albums we have reviewed this year, and I would personally like to hear where Gullickson will go from here.

Top Tracks: This Is Our Time,  Money You Don’t Own Me
Rating: 8.6/10

Radio Drive – This Is Our Time (CD) / 2012 Self / 11 Tracks /

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