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The Elwood James Band begin their self-titled EP with Rain, a vocal-focused track that possesses a delightful set of harmonies. These vocals harmonies work perfectly in tandem with the ropey bass lines and on-point drum lines. After providing listeners this introductory track, The Elwood James Band are able to expand their sound with Nobody Rolls. This track begins in a slower, more deliberate fashion. The guitars will draw listeners even as the narrative weaved by the vocals draw listeners in. Hints of soul, pop, and late-seventies / early-eighties rock blend together into something contemporary and current.

Love At All demarcates the two halves of the album, and pushes the vocals and instrumentations to their limit. Whether it be the drums, the synths, or the vocals, each part contributes equally to the overall sound presented listeners by the track.

I personally appreciate the density of each of this EP’s tracks. The overall replay value is bolstered considerably due to this density; listeners will be able to pick out new bits and pieces from the band even on their third or fourth listen. The EP may end with Kinda Lost, but I feel that the compositions on this self-titled EP will stick with listeners long after the disc ceases to spin. The Elwood James Band are heads and shoulders above other current acts, as they give a darn about their music. There is a sense that every piece has its place; the tapestry generated by an effort like Nautical Star is closer to art than it is to what is on the radio. Give their EP a spin and you will be a convert; The Elwood James Band have a success on their hands.

Top Tracks: Nobody Rolls, Love At All

Rating: 8.6/10

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