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The high amount of energy that begins Vox e Tenebris will immediately draw listeners in, while the band’s alt-rock sound touches upon some of the best acts of the last twenty years.  The titular track has a walking bass style that matches the vocals perfectly. The dark/light sound of this interaction opens up nicely to a brash and bold guitar/drum dynamic. The fluid nature of Radio Fallout makes each effort substantially different from what listeners have already heard.

Wishing Well is another standout track for Radio Fallout. The track continues to build on itself, kicking into high gear as the act moves into the chorus. This track is able to weave together disparate sounds like Nirvana and Radiohead, with an utterly infectious set of vocals. The wall of sound that swirls through this track is reigned in masterfully by Radio Fallout, allowing the band to rocket through to the end with considerable momentum.

Hour of Darkness keeps this energy high, as the opening drum and chunky guitar lines showcase a much more stripped-down band. The urgency of “Rust Never Sleeps” Neil Young can be heard here, as the band unites their instrumentation into an unitary beast. Radio Fallout is a hell of a band and will not let up until the disc’s final track, Status Quo, ends. I feel that hearing them live will increase the energy heard here exponentially. The band is able to end things with Status Quo, a bouncy bit of Meat Puppets meets Everclear. The band impresses through their arrangements and their ear for harmony; I know that I would like to hear more from the band in the months to come. Check them out today.

Top Tracks: Lux e Tenebris, Hour of Darkness

Rating: 8.1/10

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