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Destiny’s Alone is a track that will immediately bring listeners on board with Ellen M. Wilson. This track needs little more than vocals and a piano to shine; the resulting track uses the interplay of human and instrumental efforts to draw listeners into the fold. Shelter Me possesses a foreboding feel to the track that ties together equal amounts Nightwish and Evanescence with Switchblade Symphony. Each element of Wilson’s band is brilliant here, while the production allows for considerable delineation of each element. This results in a much more clear effort than many we have heard. I Will Try is a track that feels destined for Broadway; the soaring vocals present here are endearing, while the softly-spoken piano matches up perfectly. Hints of Tori Amos can be heard here, while Wilson’s overall effort could easily make it up adult contemporary charts.

It’s Alright is a track that works perfectly, no matter what sorts of music that a listener may dig. This is because the composition is buttery smooth, with the instrumental arrangement providing the perfect highlighting for Wilson’s vocals.  Destiny is the perfect closing track for the titular album; I feel it touches just as much as what was captured during Destiny’s runtime as what will be explored by Wilson in the future. A second set of vocals pushes the track to an entirely new plateau, and gives listeners more than enough reason to stick around for the second half of Destiny. Make sure to see Wilson on a set of tour dates in New Mexico and Texas in the next month, and check her website out for more information about the woman and her music.

Top Tracks: Shelter Me, I Will Try

Rating: 8.6/10

Ellen M. Wilson – Destiny (CD) / 2012 Tate Music Group / 8 Tracks / /

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