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Bully has made its way from the festival circuit and onto home video formats. This documentary is directed by Lee Hirsch and is an intimate view into the impact that physical and mental bullying has on victims. While there is some level of antagonism that all school-aged children go through, the actions taken by some of the titular individuals here is shocking. Two different families have lost a child due to bullying, while the actions taken by those bullied seem to be incredibly desperate.

Bully is a film that is tremendously touching and should be required viewing for anyone that either has children of school-going age or is currently a student at school. I believe that a lot of bullying occurs because the bully does not know the impact of their actions. Bully is the first film that I have seen that looks to pull the veil away from the collective consciousness and attempts to provide solutions to what is an endemic problem in schools in the United States and abroad. The hour and forty minutes that comprise Bully will have viewers on the edge of their seats; viewers will continually be shocked at the depraved actions that bullies will commit on their fellow students.

Purchase a copy of Bully when it drops down on February 13th; anyone that has been through the cruel middle and high school periods will be able to identify with the cases that are described here. Here’s to hoping that Hirsch is able to parlay this momentum into creating some substantial social change.

Rating: 7.7/10

Bully PG-13 Edition (DVD) / 2013 Anchor Bay / 99 Minutes / http://www.anchorbayentertainment.comB00A4TMLKE.01.LZZZZZZZ

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