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Rangda, the epochally shreddy trio comprised of equal parts Sir Richard Bishop, Ben Chasny, and Chris Corsano, are all set to take their burning head show on the road this very February in support of their still-new 2012 album, Formerly Extinct! If you haven’t exposed yourself to it, you should! Freshfangled and shrouded by ancestral awakenings, Formerly Extinct‘s lean n’ mean, child-eating-machine approach to songs bores deep into the layers of consciousness to divine meeting. With a taste for the finest flesh available, Rangda live large live, especially live. No matter how high the arch reaches overhead, they locate you precisely, hitting the moving target you provide with casual mastery as you trip down your own decent into lunacy in what you thought was the anonymity of the darkness. But it isn’t; Rangda have lit the space with showers of naturally-emitted phosphorus, creating an ineffable glow that interacts with their animalistic night vision sense. If this sounds insane to you, it is. You can’t conceive of it, it has to be experienced. And there’s not much time! It all starts in a few short weeks! February calendar time: get your brain space in order and your pheromones breathing; meditate on your imminent demise, there’s no place to hide. Confront the demon face-to-face, get on out to the show to see Rangda, wouldja?
2/22/13 Center For The Arts Eagle Rock Los Angeles CA w/ Blues Control
2/23/13 The Chapel San Francisco CA w/ Blues Control
2/24/13 International Bistro Davis CA
2/25/13 The Shanty Eureka CA
2/26/13 Star Theater Portland OR
2/27/13 Barboza Seattle WA
2/28/13 Rickshaw Theatre Vancouver Canada
3/1/13 Royal Canadian Legion Hall #10 Nanaimo Canada

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