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The monstrous beast from the underworld that is VORUM’s Poisoned Void is now available on Dark Descent Records.

One of the most devastating bands in Finland’s underground death metal scene, VORUM blend uncompromising aggression and a hauntingly murky atmosphere with moments of earth-swallowing death/doom for an album that will crush skulls and send children screaming out of the room in fright.

A promo video for the track “Dance of Heresy” has been posted at this location.

Poisoned Void is available in North America as a jewel case CD through Dark Descent Records and worldwide in digipack and gatefold vinyl formats via Woodcut Records.

Visit to order.

“If you are a fan of Finnish stalwarts Convulse, Demigod, or Adramelech, you will absolutely find something here that you enjoy, but Vorum have evolved from typical Finndeath worship, and that is something to be celebrated. This is a very, very good album, and I would be shocked if I didn’t see this on some year-end lists. Death metal is, in my opinion, at its best when it’s dark and dirty, and Vorum do that very well.”


“Poisoned Void, is an unadulterated offering of pure dark death metal – the brooding, unpretentious kind that never wears out its welcome.” – 
“So Vorum’s the latest in our line of Finnish death metal bands, and they show that this country has real promise in helping revitalize a genre that’s gotten way too glossy and friendly. I love their passion and their anger and their willingness to get as ugly and gut-busting as possible, and I dig their penchant to blend in other elements into what they do.” – Meat Mead Metal

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