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Anders & Kendall may be a new band, but it’s comprised of a duo of music vets: Anders Parker, a solo artist and also former member of the Indie experimental band Varnaline, and Kendall Meade from Sparklehorse, Mascot and a handful of other groups.

Wild Chorus, their debut, is a beautiful, bordering on precious (but not quite there thankfully) collection of nearly a dozen mellow, brushed drum, melody-drenched folk rock numbers. The traded off vocals from Parker and Meade, sometimes delivered in a near whisper, are perfectly paired. Songs like the album opener “We’re on Fire, Babe” and the rollicking “Let’s Get Lost” show the band can stretch beyond typical Brooklyn acoustic folk fare, and stand out as a truly unique duo.

The two had been talking about recording an album’s worth of songs together for years (Meade has popped up on Parker’s records again and again), but it took more than a decade for it to finally come to fruition, so enjoy Wild Chorus while you can as you never know when they will find the time to get together again.

Anders & Kendall – Wild Chorus / 11 Tracks / Nine Mile Records / 2013


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