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PGA Tour 14 understands the entirety of the golfing experience. When on the PGA Tour, part of this experience includes possessing the capability to drive and putt perfectly when hundreds of individuals are watching. EA Sports has ratcheted up the quality of the crowd composition to capture every utterance and stare. While the game works admirably when utilizing the normal Xbox 360 controller, the game possesses a Kinect mode that will have players perfecting their swing before playing the title. Whether playing on traditional or Kinect modes, the control scheme is sensible and intuitive.

The variety of courses that are available keep the game play high; considerably different strategies are present with every hole. This strategy continues to shift and change when one considers the various weather modes that can occur; PGA Tour 14 utilizes data provided by the Weather Channel for one’s geographic location. The amount of customization that is available to players in the title is stellar; no matter what sort of changes one makes, the game is able to generate a realistic stance and swing. For those that are particularly competitive, leaderboards showcase the best rounds turned in. The game’s difficulty curve ensures that skill is what will bring players from practice green to Tour leader.

PGA Tour 14 represents the most immersive golfing sim that we have reviewed. The various tweaks and additional modes present in the game make this a must-have. The title comes in two versions – the standard edition and the Masters historic edition, which allows players to experience Augusta in the 1930s. PGA Tour 14 can be purchased at any department store stocking video games, online retailers, or game shops; the title also comes on the Playstation 3.

Rating: 9.2/10

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