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Bob Dylan 1966-1978 After the Crash is an amazing documentary about Bob Dylan. Fans are likely familiar of Dylan’s initial music or the fare that ey has been peddling for the last twenty years, but few will have any sort of idea about the late sixties and the seventies. Pride DVD has created an documentary that looks into these dark days and prominently features some of the biggest voices of that era discussing their interactions with Dylan.

I believe that the most interesting interview on Bob Dylan 1966-1978 After the Crash has to be A.J. Weberman. Weberman is so well spoken and viewers will be able to tell that ey was a major part of Dylan’s life during these years. Other interviews – Nigel Williamson, Derek Barker, and Clinton Heylin – are able to provide what popular media and those more independent publishers had thought about Dylan’s output, live shows, and overall public persona during this period.

The replay value is increased considerably through the presence of an additional CD which captures Dylan’s calls with Weberman during this period, after Weberman decided to try to get Dylan to be a bigger part of the politics in which ey started. What is about 50 minutes of documentary turns into two full hours of Dylan-related material. Bob Dylan 1966-1978 After the Crash can be purchased at well-stocked music stores as well as on online retailers. With the quality that was put into the creation of this documentary, I really hope to see a few more discs capture the latter (twilight) years of Dylan’s life.

Rating: 7.6/10

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