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The sheer variety of different styles that are captured on these two discs is astonishing. Tune Your Mind (Momentum Folkhouse Remix) has an absolutely haunting feel created by the additional echo. As the synth fills some of space left open, the vocals begin to separate themselves from the instrumentation. Approaching the six-minute mark, the Momentum Folkhouse remix of Chords of Truth will make believers out of individuals lucky enough to happen upon it.

What Life Is About (Cold Cheek Electrofolk Remix) looks back into the earlier days of electronic music, linking together a New Order / Depeche Mode trapping with a more electro-pop sound (think Matt & Kim or Passion Pit). Listen (LORDBRET Apaches Tribalfolk Remix) keeps things at a quick clip and provides listeners with a very bouncy track. The ability of LORDBRET to provide an inorganic feel to Listen’s intimate humanity places the effort into the stratosphere. This remix could easily make it onto any dance floor, with a chorus that will stick in listeners’ minds long after the track ends.

I feel that this album represents how a remix release should be. First off, the original work of the performer should be kept as a focal point of a remix. Secondly, the track has to be substantially different from the initial track. Thirdly, there should be a cohesion to the remixed tracks parallel to the flow crafted on the original release. Reflections of Reality should be understood as the blueprint by which subsequent titles should follow. Purchase a copy of the Reflections of Reality Acoustic EP and the Reflections of Reality 2LP and see how much work has went into each remix.

Top Tracks: Tune Your Mind (Momentum Folkhouse Remix), What Life Is About (Cold Cheek Electrofolk Remix), Listen (LORDBRET Apaches Tribalfolk Remix)

Rating: 8.4/10

Chords of Truth — Reflections of Reality (Remixed 2LP) Review / 2013 Self / 26 Tracks /

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