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Have you prepared for the eco-shift?

Have you prepared for the eco-shift?

With a population that is turning en mass away from the destructive ways in which society has functioned for seemingly forever, a business can either change with the times or sink into obscurity. People are starting to monitor and care about the impact that their existance has on the world around them. Collectively we have realized that what isn’t good for the planet isn’t good for us as well.

One of the biggest changes that is happening is people thumbing up their noses at BPA plastic bottles in favor of reusable ones. realizes the way that society is changing and offers many reusable bottles and designs to choose from. We even have bottles that you can customize with your own colors and logos.

Why the big change?

The reason that this change is happening is because plastic bottles have numerous negative effects on the environment and the health of those that consume them. Everything from being 100% reliant on our unhealthy obsession with fossil fuels to being carcinogenic has come to our collective consciousness and has driven a movement of people who are rejecting the brand altogether. Add to that the fact that the Natural Resources Defense Council postulates that one in four bottles of water contain tap water, and you can see why people are deciding that it just isn’t worth it. This is a perfect opportunity to show your customers that you care; not only about their money, but about their values.

What about grocery bags?

Another shift that is happening is with plastic grocery bags. Plastic bags account for up to 80 percent of the plastic found floating in the ocean, and they can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade! It is estimated that 45% of people have bought at least one reusable shopping bag. That number is astounding! More people are mortified and turning to reusable bags, and a lot of people prefer something that has a design or a logo to something plain. That logo might as well be yours. We have cheap bags wholesale with many designs that you can choose from. Find more items here.

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