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Today DC-based trio Lorelei hit the road for a series of East Coast show with Dead Leaf Echo. To celebrate, the band has put together a video for “Hole Punch,” a highlight from their Enterprising Sidewalks release.
The video was made by Lorelei’s Matt Dingee and long-time collaborator Dan Searing, former member of Slumberland Records recording artists Whorl and The Saturday People. Watch the video over at BrooklynVegan. Full tour dates below.
About Lorelei:
First-wave Slumberland Records band Lorelei are the kind of group who value deliberation and well-thought-out musical statements over the quick fix. In their 90s heyday, the Washington, DC based three-piece (Matt Dingee on guitar, Stephen Gardner on bass and Davis White on drums) earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the most unique bands around, with a very distinctive blend of post-rock dynamics, sneakily melodic song-writing and ear-blasting guitar noise. Finding kinship with bands as disparate as Whorl, The Swirlies, Laika, Bailter Space and Lilys, Lorelei’s records are as subtle and multi-layered and their live show is aggressive and memorably powerful.

In Fall 2012 Lorelei released  the album “Enterprising Sidewalks” which picked right up where they left off, serving up ten gorgeously complex exercises in pummeling rhythms and melodic abstraction. Produced by the band with Ben Bailes (Chessie), with additional recording by Archie Moore (Velocity Girl, Black Tambourine) and mixing by Guy Fixsen (My Bloody Valentine, Moose, Laika), Enterprising Sidewalks is a deep and intricately-produced listen. Tunes like “Hammer Meets Tongs” and “Sorry For The Patience” are as full rich with rhythmic twists and melodic intrigue as their very best material, and Matt’s guitar attack is as varied as ever, ranging from ringing harmonics to shredding feedback and back, often within the same verse.

With “Enterprising Sidewalks” still dazzling listeners, the band is gearing up for a series of east coast shows with their pals Dead Leaf Echo, and have put together a rather nifty video for album highlight “Hole Punch” to celebrate. “Hole Punch” is the first music video by Lorelei’s Matt Dingee and long-time collaborator Dan Searing, former member of Slumberland Records recording artists Whorl and The Saturday People. Inspired by the DIY aesthetic of many Slumberland artists, the video shows the influence of the writings of Jacques Derrida on photography, William Burroughs and Brion Gysin’s cut up technique and the tools of the late 20th century office space.



3/01 Baltimore, MD – Club K  w/ Dead Leaf Echo & Bad Liquor Pond 
3/02 Washington, DC – Velvet Lounge w/Dead Leaf Echo & Royal Shoals 
4/05 Washington DC – Comet Ping Pong w/Sea Lions and Golden Grrrls




Enterprising Sidewalks
Street Date: Aug. 14, 2012
1. Hammer Meets Tongs
2. Majority Stakes
3. Wound Up
4. Let Go Of Our Ego
5. Three Interlocking Screens
6. Outside Through The Keyhole
7. Dismissal Conversation
8.  Hole Punch
9.  Sorry For The Patience
10. Measured In Fingers




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