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The 19th annual North by Northeast Music Festival is adding a little spectacle to this year’s event.  Walter Sickert & The ARmy of BRoken TOys has been welcomed to the NXNE 2013 lineup, which includes The National, Buke & Gase, Iceage and hundreds more bands that will fill Toronto Jun. 12 -16. Stay tuned for more details on Walter Sickert & The ARmy of BRoken TOys‘ mind-altering showcase.

Walter Sickert & The ARmy of BRoken TOys are the spinners of a charming, demented fairy tale that gathers new characters all the time. At the heart of the colorful fantasy is Walter Sickert, the writer, ringleader and conjurer. Walter lives as a conduit for art of any kind. Music, illustration, video – his ideas are like Jack’s magic beans – fast-growing and irresistible. “Walter is one of the most prolific and easily flowing artists that I’ve ever worked with,” Rachel Jayson says of his astounding output. “Songs just kind of pour out of his face and his body.” The ARmy of BRoken TOys takes Walter’s handiwork and filters it, developing music that is influenced by everyone. The results have been described as a “Dada-esque circus carnival run amuck,” by Boston Survival Guide.

Whether live or in album form, Walter Sickert & the ARmy of BRoken TOys will transport you to a realm where imagination rules, and sound is alive.  You may not sleep tight, but your dreams will be like none you’ve ever experienced.

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